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The Mission

I had a feeling at one time or another that I  was "one bad day" away from joining the many homeless and individuals struggling to make ends meet. Having to swallow their pride and take to the streets and ask passer-bys for any spare change. It was easy for the me to put myself in the shoes of the local homeless in my own neighborhoods, the smiling faces on the corners that are happy to take anything you have to give. Also, the hurt, tired and hungry faces that need just a smile as you drive by or a wave back.

I dreamed of  joining forces with a local staple when it comes to community outreach, H.E.B. They would take the responsibility of ordering daily necessities with every purchase from the ForCorners shop, and apply it specifically to the owner of the sign design that was purchased. For Corners will charge a HEB gift card only good for daily needs such as: toothbrushes, soap, socks,razors and shaving cream, etc. For Corners are happy to be a small part of their day and can't express how much joy it brings to have a powerhouse like HEB on our side.

 The Poster

For the poster design I focused mainly on using the 2D at vector art that
has become so popular amongst illustrators and designers in the past several years. This image was my first idea for a logo, and is inspired by thelogo for Sesame Street. 

The Video

Click here to see Promo video

The T-shirt Graphics

Although these images were not taken directly from the actual signs from the corner panhandler, they were

The website  Mockup I made  was true to the color strategy from the logo and is present throughout .

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