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Bézier: Illustration News


School project for Advanced Layout Design. I created a publication that I personally would purchase and read.  Illustration is a field that has struggled to be included within the Graphic Design world, and many of my classmates, instructors, and myself feel very different about it.  Layout and design are mine, and Illustrations are from Alejandro and Chris Hill.

Table of Contents

The TOC pulls colors from the cover page, giving the reader a feeling of cohesiveness throughout the magazine. Images are used from the featured illustrator from the cover as well.  

Cover Story Spread

My execution for clean, yet traditional magazine article layout using a three column format.  Inspired by the color strategy of the featured artist, I chose a 3D effect for the pull quote to compliment the illustration on the opposite page.

•    •    •

Warrior's Poetry

This project was given recognition via Behance and their sub website for user of the Adobe Photoshop Sketch application for the iPad.  With over 5k project views and 200+ appreciations, I am very proud of the jester style drawings I created for this layout.

The Words

Taken from the philosophy of Morihei Ueshiba, the creator and O'Sensei of the martial art, Aikido.  The words feel as if they were written by a poet, and in some ways many may believe that O'Sensei spoke from his heart and the love that he has for the arts came out in his teachings.

The original works were collected in The Art of Peace, written by the Aikido master in the 1940s, and its teachers are currently teaching form it today.


Translated to, "The way of unifying life energy" or as "the way of harmonious spirit." Ueshiba's goal was to create a martial art of self defense that practitioners could use to protect themselves along with their attacker from injury.  The techniques consist of entering and turning moments that resemble dancing.  The movement redirect the momentum an opponent's attack and throws or joint locks that terminates the initial attack.  

My original drawings were well received from peers, and I was encouraged to keep them in the book. 

There was a peacefulness within the drawings that I thought went very well with the words of Ueshiba.

I wanted to portray the power of the techniques with simple and soft jester style drawings.

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