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Pacific Gold (re-brand)

Pacific Gold Beef Jerky

I feel that this end result was derived from a very ambitious idea, but it can become a reality if you are determined and true to yourself about become a sustainable company. Paci c Gold is a product of leadership, and it is only natural to take the lead on the subject and idea of sustainability and set an example and become a role model for all businesses. Most importantly, in the business of organic premium beef jerky.

The New Logo

I had a plan to create the logo with handrawn typography and elements to help Pacific Gold set itself apart from what their competitors have used in their designs.

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Twin Falls Mineral Water

Twins Falls Mineral Water

This product packaging project was one with a long list of criteria that was expected for the final presentation. The product must have a multi carrier and along with the product having four different kinds of flavors and the packaging must be a variety pack of this new product. We began with building a logo and feel of the product and the flavors it will be offered in came next. Finally the staging and photo graphs were a big part of the final presentation. The logo type for Twin Fall was created by hand and vectorized with Adobe Draw for the iPad.

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Fly Swatted

Fly Swatted was inspired by the packaging of the 60s and 70s, and the use of over packaging and questionable color strategies. This product could be found on the rack at the local Piggly Wiggly for a new low price of $1.28, and the product has been factory tested. The logo type is hand drawn and converted to vector using Adobe Shape and Illustrator.

Using the Adobe Creative Cloud and the new Adobe apps for the iPhone, I created the logo by hand with pen on paper then taking a photo of the drawing with the Adobe Shape app, which turns it into a vector image and sends it to my personal cloud. I then took that vector image and imported it into Illustrator to build a custom logo. After the logo type was created I went through the same process to create the flyswatter image. After printing I attempted to add some wear and tear to the edges and corners to give it a weathered look.

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