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The Story

Bearclaw is a children's book about a young Santee Sioux boy that does his best to save his people during dire times. His tribe is in danger of running out of food and resources due to a terrible drought, and Bearclaw decides to take matters into his own hands and use the skills passed down from his elders to help his people in this time of need.  It is a story of patience, and selflessness.

Inspired by my dear friend John Barraclough, that lost his battle with Type 1 Diabetes.  He taught me to love all that is cool such as Jazz, vinyl records and literature.  This is my homage to him and everything he stood for.

You can purchase Bearclaw here at BlurbBooks.

The Illustrations

I attempted some experimentation with this project and how I executed the art side of it.  I started with pencil sketches of young Native American boys, and created multiple versions.  I ended up going with an older boy, I felt that this would allow an openness or freedom for the character to explore and get into situations that he could learn grow from.

I utilized new technology from Adobe products for the actual digital drawings.  I performed tasks in both Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw for the iPad.  I then brought them into Photoshop to resize, touch up, and format for my InDesign file.  Upon completion I uploaded for print through Blurb Books.

Coming Soon: The Deluxe Boxed Edition

I have been working hard on an extension of this particular project.  I have been a fan of comics for my entire life and I love the deluxe editions that are offered every now and then.  I am currently working on a second edition of Bearclaw that will be boxed and packaged with a story on vinyl record, limited edition print (signed and numbered), and a 8" 3D printed custom painted figure of the main character, Bearclaw.  

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